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Google and Red Helmets Foundation Launches

Written on March 26, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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After the Japan earthquake and tsunami incident, people are still using the power of Internet to reconnect with their loved ones. Hence, is born.

and France’s Red Helmets Foundation, in cooperation with Bearstech and European Consulting Services, launched a global missing person search engine — . aims to provide an instant platform to those involved in a natural or humanitarian crisis and their loved ones, friends and colleagues to find each other. In addition to this, Red Helmets Foundation hopes to make the website a permanent global feature of response.

Unveiled during the aftermath, people still leaps to use social media to find lost loved ones. Hence, companies and groups lend a permanent hand to optimize a site that is dedicated to search and rescue response. is also designed to be promoted to both government and non-government charity institutions.

According to Red Helmets Foundation’s communications manager, Sarah Aizenman, has the elements of a platform, search engine and social network. So far, the search and rescue platform is available in French, English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.

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