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iPhone App Review: Instagram

Written on March 14, 2011 by B Waldorf

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It is two thumbs up for Instagram!

The basic of the iPhone app is to share your life through photos. is a social photo based journal; mixed with the elements of , , and .

If you are into but you don’t have the expertise of a pro, then Instagram is for you. The app includes filters that you can apply to your photos to make them stand out. Just add a short description about your photo, link in your different social network accounts and click ‘done’. Easy peasy!

The Wonders of Instagram

The app is has five tabs, the Feed tab, Popular tab, Share tab, News tab and @you tab. The Feed tab is where you actually see the new photos of people you follow, just like Facebook’s news feed. Popular is a thumbnail gallery style list of 32 photos that the app chose as the current best photos. You can browse on the popular photos and see or follow its owners. Share is where you go if you want to share your photos for everyone to see. This is where you apply the filters and put tags. News on the other hand, will feed you with information when people follow you, commented on your photos or liked them. If you’re familiar with Facebook’s Notifications feature, the News tab won’t be any different. The @you is you. It’s a profile editor giving you the access to find and invite friends, edit your profile information etc. Find new friends via iPhone contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and by searching their username. Instagram, like other social sites has its own Suggested users to help you out.

Feeding with Feed Tab

On your feed tab, you can read user comments on photo posts, leave photo comments or hit the heart button to like it (just like what you do on Tumblr) As the owner of the page, you have full access on the Delete, Share, Email or Copy the URL of your own uploads. This means that if you want a more personalized photo journal, Instagram is the app for you.

Foursquare-ish App

Instagram is also a location-based app. The “where” option when uploading your photos lets you choose an establishment or the place where the photo was taken. The app uses iPhone’s GPS to track your location and shows you a list of business establishments to choose from or you can also search for other places by keyword. After the upload, you’ll notice a dropped pin icon and a place link. By tapping the link it will take you to a location page with all the photos taken on the place itself. It will also show your friends nearby, you can also post to your Foursquare profile using the Instagram account.

Private Photo Journal

Instagram lets you customize your settings too. You can set the privacy of your account, whether making it Private or Public. Private-based accounts are not open to everyone. These accounts need the owners permission once a ‘follow’ request is sent.

Instagram Filters

With Instagram, you can put art and effects on your photos in an instant. There are 11 filters included in the app.

1. X-Pro II
2. -fi
3. Earlybird
4. Sutro
5. Toaster
6. Inkwell
7. Apollo
8. Nashville
9. Gotham
10. 1977
11. Lord Kelvin

Instagram’s Key Features:

– Apply over a dozen fun & beautiful filters to your photos
– Post as many photos as you want, for free
– Find and follow friends who are using the app
– Attach (optional) location information to any of your posts
– Share your posts to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, & Facebook
– Check in to Foursquare when you post a photo with a location
– Let your friends know what you think by liking & commenting on their photos
– View the most popular photos around the world from Instagram users
– Supports first generation, 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 phones
– Full iPhone 4 front & back camera support

All We Like’s Verdict

It is two thumbs up for Instagram! It gave a whole new light to photo blogging. The filters and user interface are simple yet very appealing to budding photographers. And the fact that it is offered for free makes it demanding to the crowd.


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