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Japan Earthquake Victims Reconnect with Loved One Through Social Media

Written on March 15, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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After the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami, the Internet still plays a pivotal role of pacifying the hearts of the people who have relatives in Japan.

Though an 8.9 magnitude hit last Friday, online services were still intact afterwards. According to a blog posted by an Internet monitoring company, Renesys, while the knocked out the electricity supplies and two nuclear power plants in Japan, the Internet availability remains unaffected.

With the Internet connection spared from the earthquake and tsunami, citizens of Japan continued to be in contact with their loved ones through SMS and . In addition to this, Google People Finder and Red Cross’ Family Links were also available in order to make their whereabouts and conditions known.

But more than anything else, the people of Japan used their social media accounts to connect with their loved ones. In fact, tweets skyrocketed to 1,200 per minute just an hour after the earthquake. even made an illustrative status update, showing Japan’s activity on during that day. If you’re still not convinced of what social media can do, check out the Stories page.

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