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Latest iDevice: UN01 iPhone Case

Written on March 14, 2011 by R. Depp

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Kill the cycle of taking out and placing back your iPhone into your bag.

While on a vacation, it is a normal thing to pull out your camera phone to snap pictures of sceneries every now and then. However, it gets annoying when you take it out, place it back to your bag again and again. The bad thing is you might even miss a beautiful scenery just because you are busy searching for your phone inside the bag.

The good news is that a company called is developing a solution to this problem. The device they are working on dubbed as the is a plastic case that houses your horizontally and has a black strap which goes around your neck. Simply put, it makes your look like a camera.

The project is still on the works but you can now donate $30 on the Kickstarter page to reserve one.

More pics of the latest below:

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