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Leaked Images of iPhone 5 Parts, in the Wild

Written on March 23, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Another iPhone 5 rumor strikes again! And this time, All We Like got some leaked images to show you.

Techblog,, received exclusive images of what seems to be of the . While they are technical at the extreme, there are interesting details discovered in these rumored images.

  1. The iPhone 5 is possible to have and silver models due to the headphone socket.
  2. There is also possibility that iPhone 5’s headphone jack will be positioned differently — probably at the middle bottom of the handset.
  3. And despite the rumors that Apple will remove external buttons in iPhone 5, the suggests otherwise.

What and would you like to land on Apple’s iPhone 5? Leave your wish-list at the comment box.

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