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LinkedIn posts 100 Million Users

Written on March 23, 2011 by R. Depp

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LinkedIn has just achieved a major milestone. The business-oriented social networking site now has 100 million users - and counting.

Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, the site is mainly used for . As of March 22, 2011, has reported more than 100 million users from more than 200 countries worldwide.

To celebrate this milestone, the LinkedIn team has posted an infographic to illustrate its growth and its overall membership. The infographic has some interesting trivia about :

Here are some of the most intriguing stats from LinkedIn’s infographic as from

  • 56% of LinkedIn’s users are outside of the United States. LinkedIn is experiencing its fastest growth internationally.
  • LinkedIn’s fastest-growing country is Brazil, with 428% growth year-over-year. Brazil is followed by Mexico, India and France.
  • The height of LinkedIn activity happens during the workday, peaking at around noon. Mobile usage, on the other hand, typically peaks around 8:00 p.m.
  • There are almost 1 million teachers on LinkedIn. 20% of the site’s users work in the service sector, while 9% work in finance and another 9% are in the high tech industry.

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