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March 31 is World Backup Day

Written on March 31, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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It's March 31, 2011. Do you know where your company's mission-critical data backups are?

A tad full of individuals and businesses don’t know much about keeping their data backed up on a regular basis. Hence a group of users decided to appeal the first World Backup Day today, March 31.

In time to preempt April Fool’s Day, World Backup Day was founded to create awareness about data security, and encourage people to back their data up. At Reddit’s Techsupport section, there is a discussion thread loaded with great advice on how to safely and securely backup a data. In line with this geeky holiday, promotional sponsors like SpiderOak and offer discounts on their services.

Do yo also have some data backup tips to share? Post it by leaving a comment.

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