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Category: Money

Personal Income is in All-Time High

Written on March 01, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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You may not notice it, but Personal Income in the United States has once again powered to new all-time highs - $12,897.3 billion.

It’s official! The in the United States is once again at its new all-time high at $12,897.3 billion. But more than that, the Excluding Current Transfer Receipts is also up to $101.8 billion, the best gain since 2005.

It is obvious that Americans are now getting back to work, earning more money and having a better buying power. The personal income also suggests that the in the last few months has been understated severely. If you’re still not convinced about this, check out the income tax withholding. It increases to 20.88% every year.

With the personal income likely to revise higher in the coming months, are you seeing the US economy in full recovery one of these days?

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