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PIXAR: The 25 Years of Animation

Written on March 30, 2011 by B Waldorf

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After 25 years of animation, Pixar will always be a part of every people's childhood.

’s arrival in LA in the year 1920s marked California as a magnet for the artists of the industry. It has been a home for a number of leading studios, known to the world as a global center for arts and .

One of the most established animation studio is , makers of the famous Toy Story Trilogy, Ratatouile and Despicable Me. As celebrates its , they made a very wonderful video of their past works which changed the world and childhood of many people around the globe.

The PIXAR: 25 Years of Animation provides a look at the arts of the respected studio, showcasing the creative work behind its wildly successful computer-animated films. After its grand opening at New York and its five-year international tour, the exhibition comes home to Oakland. The OMCA presentation displays the artwork of the company. Watch the video below and get amazed.

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