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Rebecca Black tops Twitter trends this week

Written on March 27, 2011 by R. Depp

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Rebecca Black has been a hit on the social web since only mid-March, and now she’s claimed the throne to Twitter’s top trends.

What started out as a mere meme has become viral all over the World Wide Web — Rebecca’s music video “Friday” now has over 46 million views on YouTube. Most people may find her singing annoying, but the 13 year-old singer from Orange County, California is apparently gaining popularity for it.

From YouTube, to and Facebook, Rebecca now has conquered , making her the most talked about and…err…most laughed-about subject on the micro-blogging site.

Above is What the Trend’s () compilation of the past week’s trends on Twitter. See for yourself how Rebecca’s finally claimed the throne once occupied by the likes of , and yes, even The Biebs himself.

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