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Social Game Review: Forget FarmVille, And Fall In Love With CityVille

Written on March 27, 2011 by B Waldorf

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If you're tired harvesting crops just so you can buy this and that, or maybe tired of seeing cows and pigs and chickens and horses, you may want to transfer into the city. Our best bet? CityVille.

is not just about social networking, it’s about social gaming too.

When Facebook was born, people started to live with it. It gave us the power to expose ourselves into social activities and networking. As time went by, Facebook has become a necessity. Almost everyone has an account now. However, Facebook is not for personal use only. People started setting up businesses and making use of the online buzz. Companies started using the social media for promotions and announcements too.

Facebook not only embarks socializing but enjoyment too. One of the best features of the site is the social games. From , to Restaurant City, to Pet Society, to YoVille and now the most wanted game of them all —.

Have you played CityVille? If you haven’t, we suggest you stop ignoring the gift requests and the “help me with this…” invites from your friends. Coz’ once you get in, you can never get out. If you want to know the mantra, here it goes…

What is CityVille?

CityVille is a game developed by . The makers of Facebook games such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and . CityVille is a city building game that will strongly remind you of Sim City. Players start from the ground up as they build their own community. Structures such as homes, businesses, decorations, municipal buildings, roads etc can be placed on each city. Players earn coins, XPs and collect various items from each structure built. It features an energy system that will help you each time you build and collect money. There’s also a hint of economic building here, since you buy and sell goods for your to supply each business. You can also put a franchise to your neighboring communities.

Game Economy

The economy is being run by goods. You get goods by farming plots and harvesting crops. (Yes! Farmville-ish!) You collect them and send them to your businesses. You need to have an ample supply of goods on hand and you can also increase storage space in case you get over-flowed. You can also send and sell goods to your CityVille friends via train transport and shipping. Soon you’ll be making a factory. But before you have that, you must fullfill all the levels behind the game.

Energy System

The game features an energy system just like in Frontierville. You’ll be using energies to construct buildings, replenish businesses with goods and collect money. You can also be generous and send energies to those who need them most. But worry not, the energies that you sent won’t be affecting your own. If ever you lost all your stored energy, all you have to do is visit your friends and you’ll be rewarded.

A More Social Game

CityVille is an enhanced social game. Whenever you build municipal buildings, you hire friends. You’ll be needing a lot of neighbors here. Each role from the municipal building are filled in by friends, although you can fill in with position yourself in exchange for city cash. Friends can also hire you, so be kind and return the favor by accepting the request whether its a street sweeper or an engineer. For your business to grow, you have to put on franchises to your friend’s cities. Once you do this, you’ll be receiving your own headquarters and you can supply goods to your franchises and receive daily bonus.

The Verdict

If you got bored doing farm duties on FarmVille, we strongly suggest that you try CityVille. It’s packed with more goals and more challenging phases. You’ll be the owner of your own city. How can that be not good?


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