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SocioClean Keeps your Social Media Presence Squeaky Clean

Written on March 09, 2011 by R. Depp

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Scandalous tags? Foul words? Racial items? Get rid of these things on your social media profiles with the help of SocioClean.

When you feel that your online life is trashed with scandals and foul words, maybe it is time to clean it up with . This is a free service that helps you scrape off the dirt you accumulated in joining different social media platforms.

The service was released late last year. It does the cleaning by scanning your online social networks and erases the offending contents. SocioClean ask first the permission of the user before purging social media accounts of banned words. You can also specify the terms you want SocioClean to delete on your profiles.

This service is useful especially if you have the sudden need to cover up your bad habits before future employer, parents or enemies discover it.  SocioClean is the fast and effective way to create a presentable online image.

To know more about SocioClean, click here.

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