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Spoiler: Here’s What You Missed on Glee

Written on March 16, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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It started with a door bursting open, and it ended in a group hug. And in between is a whole mess of Glee action filled last night's episode to the brim.

If you were not able to take the time to watch what happened on last night, All We Like is giving you what you missed. Let’s relieve the magic of “original songs”, and chat about what’s in the horizon for our singing stars.

If you don’t want to get spoiled, stop reading at this instant. Otherwise, commence scrolling down.

Pavarotti’s dead. No, All We Like is not talking about the famous Tenor, we’re talking about the Warblers’s canary. And though Pavarotti is not a big part of Glee, his death created a big impact — especially for Kurt Hamill. The poor canary’s demise led to Kurt’s beautiful solo, finally! Moving on, Quinn and Rachel are now frenemies. Thanks to Finn. Quinn is frantic to hold on to Finn because she “really likes him”, and because she wants to be the prom queen. How sane is that?

When Glee first announced that it was doing original songs, fans got performances from Puck and Santana. So if you have spare time, just look for “Trouty Mouth” on iTunes. More on Santana, she’s trying to recuperate from Brittany’s heartbreaking rejection. And she’s awful with it. At least, we now know that she’s human. And the much-anticipated first kiss between Blaine and Kurt has finally come! Oh yes!

The lovely Mercedes just hit an Amber Riley solo, though they didn’t use her jam in Regionals. And Rachel just said her piece to Finn the way she knows it — honest singing. Can she “fix it somehow” with his ex-boyfriend? And finally, New Directions is heading to New York City for the Nationals!

So there it is folks! The Glee club just surpassed the Regionals and on for a bigger challenges.

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