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Top 10 iPhone Apps for iPhone Photography

Written on March 19, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Whether you're aiming for the vintage lomo snap, or the Polaroid-ish shot, the App Store has the basic apps that you'll be needing for your iPhotography.

Cast your mind to your very first camera, not good? Thankfully technology has moved up and camera phones are invented. They may be not capturing SLR-like quality but they’re decent enough to showcase your hidden talents in photography.

A photographer once said, “Maybe because it’s entirely an artist’s eye, patience and skill that makes an image and not his tools.”

We thoroughly believe in that. No matter how ugly your camera is, if you have the keen eye on snapshot-worthy moments you’ll be giving out fantastic shots. Besides, its not DSLR cameras that can capture fantastic photos, some smartphone cameras too. One of our favorites and surely, most of you will agree is the 5-megapixel shooter of the iPhone 4. The previous cameras of this famous iOS device is not so good, however, when we came across iPhone 4, we’re impressed.

Plus, if you’re not a professional photographer, you can start with the basics first before jumping into a higher ground. With the iPhone 4 camera, convenience and practicality go hand in hand. You can share your shots to everyone on Facebook or Twitter or you’re preffered social network with just one click on the “Publish” button. So now that you’ve decided that you can always practice on your iPhone 4, you’re question is, how about throwing some epic effects to it? Worry not partner! We can advice you quite a lot of solutions.

So whether you want some vintage effect, or just plain photo enhancement or the lomo-ish snap, there’s an app ready for that. Here are ten of our favorites in the App Store.

1. Photoshop Mobile - Photoshop reigns as the most wanted software in the history of software for graphics in the world of desktops and laptops. Now, you won’t be needing too much of your laptop or desktop, why Photoshop is now reigning on mobile. Fantastic? We say Ecstatic. No need to transfer photos to edit them, Photoshop is here.

2. TiltShift Miniature Faking – Photo manipulation made easy is what TiltShift offers you dear iPhotographers. This app will enable you to focus in on small areas of the photograph while the sorrounding area goes all blurry. Create a fake “tiny model-like” photo and share it to your social accounts for your friends to admire.

3. Incredibooth Photo Booth – This app gives justice to its name, incredible! Imagine having your own Photo Booth anywhere you go. Pocket-size huh? Call your friends and cram infront of the camera for an oh-so-cool photo snap. No more coins guys, and no single backdrop. It offers you a lor of backgrounds to choose from.

4. Colour Splash – If you can’t decide whether you’ll be taking a conventional colored snaps or monochromatic and dramatic black and whites, this is the app that will go handy to you. Kill two birds with one stone. Once you’ve made the winning shot, the app automatically removes the color, leaving you with a black and white photo. Now, put the color back to your prefered parts and voila, selective color! The effect gives you the impression of the arty pro.

5. ShakeItPhoto - Who doesn’t love Polaroid? Polaroid shots are the ideal snaps for the vintage loving folks. All you have to do is follow Outkast’s suggestion and “shake it like a Polaroid picture” and the image will appear on the retina-enabled screen just like in real life printing. No need for Polaroid cameras, save money, save films and save time with this app.

6. Best Camera – From the inspiring phrase “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You,” this camera simply shows you what the word “best” means. Unleash that creativity and edit those shots and share them for the world to see. It also provides easy-to-use filters and effects that can make you smile during the dullest day.

7. CameraBag – Put some drama to your photos using CameraBag’s classic camera and film simulations. It’s as if you have world’s greatest cameras in one app. CameraBag focuses on emulating styles and processes from the most interesting cameras ever invented. Put that mood to your precious creation.

8. Hipstamatic – This app kick things off with what is probably the best retro photography app in the App Store. Hipstamatic is designed to produce photos from an old plastic camera, even converting your screen into an old school shooter complete with the fake flash. You can also choose which lens to use giving you different effects. It’s simply the love of our iPhone 4 camera.

9. PhotoGene – Crop, Sharpen, Edit Histogram, Color Correction, Gama, Saturation, Hues and the likes are packed inside PhotoGene. It also allows you to zoom in and out or move the photo around without putting damage to your work. Cool.

10. Darkroom (Free) - If you think that taking photos using your iPhone is always easy, you’re misled. Sometimes, there are the dullest photo shoots that you’ll encounter. Nut no need to worry on that, Darkroom is here to save the day! It takes lighting or accidental movement into account by waiting until everything is motionless before clicking.

Whether it’s a simple snapshot of yourself or a shot of that place you’ve been to, the apps above helps you out in grabbing that once in a lifetime memory. Besides, nothing can mirror your memories best than taking photos right? If you’ve got your own favorite app, share it by hitting the comment box below.


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