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Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2011

Written on March 05, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Social media changed the world. These tools made it easier for business owners to expand their networks. But if you are still unfamiliar with the strategies, let All We Like teach you the concepts.

Given the sufficient time, anyone can understand the mechanism of trends, understood how LinkedIn works and the roundabouts of . However, if you don’t have the time, AllWeLike has here the summary of trends that currently rule the Internet.

Learn the most sought-after ten strategies that can help your personal site or online business gain more web traffic.

1. Location-Based Marketing: These location-wise services will grow in popularity as people become more comfortable checking in to a business. This is the outcome of enhanced safety features such as privacy options and brand offers. Best social networks for this type of trend are Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla. These sites help you out in getting your target market.

2. Video Platforms: currently carries the biggest number of subscribers in web history but this may not be for long . Sooner or later, new platforms will emerge; something more business-like, market-friendly and not congested. Examples are Viddler, and . These sites are starting to build momentum with a clearer focus on live streaming and interaction.

3. Text Campaigns: The growth of mobile arena became unrelenting. Nine out of ten people own a mobile phone. For one thing, it also became one of the most widely-used platform for marketing. MessageBuzz and Enowit are both offering services and free demo account that lets you test the mobile-marketing campaign. How to make this? Start by putting up a mobile widget to your site that will help you collect as many mobile numbers as possible via automated system and create special campaigns to specific areas and regions.

4. For Cause Tweet-a-thons: This Tweet marathon is a fund-raising campaign on Twitter to encourage followers to tweet about and donate to a specific charitable cause over a good period of time. This strategy gave prolong exposure to social-savvy entrepreneurs to capitalize on these advantages for building special interpersonal relationships and eventually gain positive feedbacks.

5. The Move to Higher Bandwidth (4G): Goodbye 3G, hello 4G! These days, people are more attracted to anything digital. When 3G was introduced, people transfered to it from 2G. Add to that the transfer of mobile subscribers from Sprint to Verizon. What the best thing about 4G? It speeds up download times which make it easy for online marketers to broadcast the messages.

6. -Based Websites: WordPress is unusually a platform choice of many. It gives you quick and hassle-free ways to created blog content that are SEO-friendly. Plus, you don’t have to be some HTML-CSS code savvy; there are available blog templates available to use.

7. Plug-ins: The usage of plug-ins is very useful. Offering you thousands of new options every month. One of the most popular plug-ins is Scribe. It monitors and scores your keywords and updates to your site automatically to increase website traffic.

8. Review Sites: These sites offer customer reviews that dominates the social media landscape. Consumers need to be heard so they write reviews to voice out their thoughts. Example of these are self-helps, DYIs, complaints or simply good feedbacks on products. A popular site which features these reviews is The site monitors your products and services online.

9. Monitoring Conversations: This method is used let the business know about the customers’ insights about the products and services. This can be used by adding up social-media dashboard or keyword-alert services. There are paid dashboards such as Radius6 and ObjectiveMarketer as well as free service sites such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

10. Presentation Platforms: For every successful sale, there was a good presentation before it. As an online marketer, it is important to have an effective and attention-catching presentation platform prior to selling. Presentation platforms like and incorporate in easy-to-build presentation tools in partnership with social media, live feeds and videos.


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