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Warner Bros. Adds Five More Movies to Facebook

Written on March 29, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Ready for the Facebook movie date?

surprised us earlier this month with the release of The Dark Knight on the social network, . To follow up on that release, they announced five more movies to add up with the collection.

As originally announced, is now available for streaming on the movie’s official page, together with the first two installments (The Sorcerer’s StoneĀ  and The Chamber of Secrets), and Katherine Heigl’s chick flick, .

According to Warner Bros. Digital Distribution president, Thomas Gewecke, the studio was “pleased to expand our test with a variety of titles that will appeal to a broad audience,” and noted that “fan pages for ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Inception’ alone are two of the most popular and active communities on the site.”

With the release of The Dark Knight, users can now access the move for a good 48 hours after purchasing with the pause, resume and play features available.

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