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Web Surpasses Newspapers as News Source

Written on March 15, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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For the first time, the web outdone newspapers as a source of local news for the people of United States.

With digital technologies changing the face of the news for at least the last decade, the finally surpassed physical newspapers as news sources. According to ’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, 46% of people says they get their news online at least thrice a week. It surpassed the newspapers for the first time.

More over, the declining revenue and subscriptions for newspapers have resulted to many closures and layoffs. However, Americans don’t seem bothered by the loss of newspapers as a source. In addition to this, Pew Research Center found out that more people are turning to their mobile phones for local news. However, 47% of Americans are interested in practical and real-time information.

Nevertheless, Pew Research Center insists that “Local news remains the vast untapped territory…. No one has yet cracked the code for how to produce local news effectively at a sustainable level.”

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