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3taps Democratizes Exchange Data

Written on April 05, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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One day, all public exchange data will be available for access with the help of 3taps. Sweet!

The Web is full of “”, starting from a job listing in Craiglist to a jailbreak code in Twitter. However, each site provides its own way of hosting the same information. That said, the end-user is left to visit each site and access it. For developers, the data is inaccessible and held captive.

Hence, Greg Kidd, founder and CEO of 3taps pointed out that this data should be publicly available, and with that comes .

Launched yesterday at Data 2.0 conference in San Francisco, California, offers a platform that collects an exchange data for distribution in an attempt to democratize them.

“Twitter was the democratization of media, Square is the democratization of payments, we’re looking to be the democratization of exchanges.”

This one-stop data-shop has a lot of data from various providers, which 3taps normalizes according to category and location. That way, developers can make mash-ups using real-time exchange data. The 3taps aims to do all of this with a number of outbound APIs for developers. Hopefully, 3taps will host a variety of cool services and mash-ups that will reinvent people’s interactions with exchange data, putting some backslash from companies hosting them.

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