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Android Apps of the Week: Five Great Apps for Your Droid

Written on April 03, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Now Apple, it's your turn to get jealous.

Sure there are millions of apps for iPhone to enjoy, but don’t forget that what Apple has, Android Gets.

If you’re an Android phone owner and looking for cool apps to add to your smartphone, AllWeLike would like to show you some of our favorites from the Android Market. Now guys, they’re not just cool, they are filthy useful too.

In the past months, Android came in neck and neck with Apple — devices and apps alike. Some of Apple’s precious features are now coming up on the green site. However, some are still on their way to Android. But, to Android owners, who strongly believed that theirs will make it on top sooner than expected, there are apps that will make Apple jealous. Actually, there’s a lot more out there waiting to be discovered.

Here’s our recent discoveries of great . Enjoy!

1. Theft Aware - Beware thief! is now here. The app helps you recover your lost or stolen Nokia or Android smartphone. It enables you to control and find your device in the event of loss or theft.

2. Trip Journal - If you love documenting your travel experiences, here’s the app for you. lets you document these once in a lifetime travels and automatically tracks your itinerary in real time while enjoying the vacation. Trip stats including distance, time and geography traveled are also automatically documented and included in the journal.

3. iHear Network – If you’re currently wishing you could be Heroes’ “Hiro Nakamura” here’s what you need —. Teleport anywhere in the world and listen to what people are saying as it happens. You’ll be hearing  geo-tagged content from all over the world. Utilizing text-to-speech and location-based technologies, you can hear geo-tagged content from the web read aloud as it’s posted online. Cool!

4. UNDO SMS – Forget about mis-sent text messages and wrong sent ones. This app will save you from shame and embarrassment. will make you shame-vincible! It allows you to cancel SMS messages as it’s being sent. The moment you realize your sending it to the wrong person, just hit on that holy red UNDO button and breathe again.

5. Pandora – If you’ve enjoyed a lot of in the web, now your Android phone will be equally happy. for Android has landed, even more beautiful than it could have been on PC. Personalize your music with a customized radio streaming on your phone. Just start will the name of that cool artist you’ve been eying or that song you’ve been singing in your head, and voila! creates a “station” that plays their music and songs that are very much like your favorite.

Just like what every Android user is saying: It’s your turn to get jealous, Apple!


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