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Apple iPad 2, Shipping to Toys “R” Us Turf?

Written on April 08, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Welcome to Toys "R" Us, where Apple iPad 2s "R" us, too.

Think Toys “R” Us wouldn’t get any better? Well, think again. According to .com, America’s largest toy retailer will add ’s latest – and apparently fastest-selling – slate in its inventory, and it’s coming this May.

From Barbie dolls, to action figures, merchandises, gaming consoles, and then the Apple . It seems like a considerable addition and might fit in nicely in Toys “R” Us’ growing roster. And if it’s not for the techiest of techie children, then it’s most likely for the adults who want the convenience of getting their shiny new iPads while they buy their kids something.

But how true can this rumor get, so far? ModMyi was able to back up their report with a picture claiming to be taken from a Toys “R” Us employee training session. The snapshot shows a quiz asking a random question about the iPad 2. You’ll notice an inverted “R” with an Apple logo at the bottom left of the screen in the image.

If the report is real, then add Toys “R” US in Apple’s growing line-up of nontraditional retail venues along with forerunners — Best Buy and Walmart. The question now is, will the iPad 2 have its Apple section at the toy store, or will it fall under some other category?

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