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Apple’s iPhone 4, Gearing up for T-Mobile?

Written on April 25, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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After Verizon, Apple's iPhone seems likely to hit T-Mobile too. That's according to BGR News' leaked photos.

BGR News leaked a prototype images that runs on USA 3G network. It seems that the network will be getting the mobile device too. The prototype runs a test version of the iOS, which includes internal apps like employee directory and Radar app. Furthermore, the device was labeled as N94.

It only makes sense that Apple’s next-generation iPhone would go for T-mobile, since none of the company’s devices released so far has supported the network’s rare AWS 3G band. Albeit it hasn’t entered mass production yet, and with AT&T and T-Mobile USA’s merger still pending, a T-Mobile version of looks promising.

Would you grab an iPhone of your own in case it becomes available for T-Mobile? Leave your answers at the comment box.

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