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Aventurine Tweaks Darkfall’s Newbie Eexperience

Written on April 11, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Good news newbies! You'll no longer need to get killed and stripped of all your belongings before learning Adventurine's Darkfall.

For newbies, ’s can be pretty intimidating. And although the game’s learning curve is considerable, the developers are hard at work to improve the interface.

More than half of Darkfall’s quest have been rewritten and new training missions were added. Starting areas were also tweaked for the upcoming relaunch campaign. New characters will begin in a single racial capital city, while the NPC racial vendors will offer the same services regardless of their location.

Adventurine also dropped hints about new art assets and new armor specialization system. More details are available at the Darkfall Epic Blog.

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