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Better Video Filming and Sharing From New iPhone App

Written on April 07, 2011 by R. Depp

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iPhone users can now have a sophisticated but easy video-editing experience with a new video sharing application for called “Vlix”.

Film and video aficionados will be thrilled with ’ combined and video editing functionality — which is what makes this app special. Aside from the usual video trimming and text annotations, users are offered ‘fancier’ and more artistic options like filters and lenses, color correction and contrast boosts, similar to photo-sharing apps. Users can also apply time-shifting reverse, fast-forward or stop-motion effects to video clips.

Vlix is developed by video advertising startup , to “create a shoot-and-share-and-view solution for mobile video clips.”

“As shooting video has evolved from being ‘special occasion-based’ to a great way to capture and share our everyday lives, we designed vlix to make it fun and easy to shoot and share video clips with friends and family in the most engaging ways possible,” says SpotMixer CEO John Love.

The app also supports ‘friending’ and ‘following’ co-users of Vlix. A personalized video feed is also presented to the users, which allows them to view videos shared by app friends or users they follow. ‘Liking’ and commenting is also available, plus a ‘Create’ tab that allows Facebook and Youtube video uploading.

Vlix is awaiting approval from , but is scheduled for release in the early next week.

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