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Bomber Game Releases Streets of Rage Remake

Written on April 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Good news Sega Genesis heads! Bomber Games just released the Streets of Rage remake.

Gamers and fans of Saga Genesis are in for some nostalgia and good news, as Bomber Game releases for remake. The entire series, which is comprise of 1 to 3 and Remix, is combined into one game, with a lot of interesting .

Unfortunately, the slated online feature was scrapped due to lag problems. It was left out to spend more time for improvement.

Check out the list of Streets of Rage Remake contents below.

– 93 stages in story mode
– 5 stages in extra modes
– 5 stages in the Prototype mod (separate download)

– SOR1 characters remastered with new moves
– SOR2 characters with new moves
– SOR3 characters with new moves
– New playable characters

– All enemies from SOR1 remastered.
– All enemies SOR2 (RGB color correction).
– All enemies SOR3 (RGB color correction).
– New enemies based on the Game Gear versions and even the cover the game!

– 76 in V5.
– 7 in the Prototype mod.

– Profile Editor
– Color Editor
– Name Editor
– Sormaker
– Cutscene Viewer
– Profile Viewer (and commands)
– Image Gallery
– 16 cheats
– Battle Mode
– Survival Mode
– Boss Rush mode
– Events Mode (16 events)
– Volleyball Mode
– Allied cpu mode
– And more than 30 customizable options

You can download the game and check out more details at Bomber Game’s blog page.

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