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Camera+ Dev Reveals Two Million Sales Report

Written on April 06, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Not all mobile apps are quickly discarded. And that's what Camera+ proves to many developers.

+ developer, , commemorates the ’s two million sales, by revealing its sales report in an official blog post. TapTapTap head, , even noted that it took the app three months before reaching its second million sale.

That said, John Casasanta challenge reports stating that mobile apps are quickly discarded. He showed a data wherein half of those who purchased Camera+ upgraded to version 2.2, just six days after the update’s release.

However, he cautioned other iPhone app developers from relying too much on . The I (Heart) Analog effects pack. which is included in , was bought to only five percent of those who purchased the app. And that is something that John Casasanta says “absolutely nothing to sneeze at.” But he also asserted that “it’s very unlikely that this can be an effective business model.”

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