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Cool Accessories to Disguise Your iPhone

Written on April 02, 2011 by B Waldorf

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No matter how high-tech and modern the technology is, sometimes you can't help but admit --- old School is still cool. Well then, travel back to memory lane and make your modern gadget look like it's an old school tech.

Having an Apple 4 is enough to complete one wardrobe. A statement that will make everyone have that winning awed second look. However, as time goes by, almost everyone carries an 4. Making it a bit overrated.

Seeing as all the iPhone 4s in the world look like each other, the next step to do to just so you would pop out in the common crowd is to accessorize. There are a lot of cool accessories that will disguise your device from its common brother. And when we say a lot, there are thousands of accessories to choose from.

Let AllWeLike give you a bunch of ideas to make your iPhone 4 one of a kind and extraordinary. Brace yourselves, we’re sharing five picks from the finest.

1. Etch a Sketch iPhone Case – Remember that sand-filled, red you used to play with? Oh now, its here for your iPhone. Sure there is an app that makes your iPhone an , but the feel isn’t always there. Now you can reminsce with your old toy on your iPhone. And the case is really from company themselves.

Cost: $24.99

2. Camera SigniCASE
– Show your love with this iPhone case that will send you back in time. It’s a wooden hand-crafted case that’s designed to look like a super retro snapper.

Cost: $34.99

3. GameBoy Skin – Is your iPhone a reliable gaming console to kill the boredom bugs in your system? This iPhone skin will remind you of the old school gaming-console GameBoy.

Cost: $9.99

4. Tape Cassette Decals
- If you miss the walkman days, wherein that rock n’ roll tape runs your life, here’s a reminder that old school is still cool. A stick-on decal that resembles the old cassette will never go out of style.

Cost: $6.99

5. The Mobile Phone Massif - Speaking of old school, who could forgot the presence of the bulky, black cellphone that’s destined to be a device for calling and not for texting? Bring back the 80’s with this “brick” phones. A great gift for dad, who actually misses his old cellphone.

Cost: $20

Bring back the old school vibe guys!


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