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Countdown for Budget Cut is On

Written on April 13, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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The fiscal year is over and the new budget proposal is out. But wait... It runs 459 pages!

Last Tuesday morning, the House Appropriations Committee released the bill together with details on which programs will receive a . This measure must pass both House of Congress before signing on Friday. However, lawmakers who recently saw the specifics of the bill have mixed reactions. The reason: The bill runs 459 pages.

According to Federal Fiscal Policy director at OMB Watch, Craig Jennings:

“There is just so much stuff to understand, and good, basic information is so important and just not available.”

More over, Republican talking points have touted fundings must be stripped from urban affairs, climate change, health care and automobile. Apparently, nobody holds those jobs. In addition to this, the stated in a summary that $1 billion would be cut from STD Prevention programs. But a staff pointed out that this was just an error.

The House is expected to vote on Thursday, and the Senate on the following day. And until the bill becomes a law, necessary points might be unavailable.

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