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CourseSmart Leads Textbooks to Android

Written on April 24, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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With digital age conquering many aspect of every people's lives, education is not an exemption. Thanks to CourseSmart, e-textbooks can now make its way to Android tablets.

The future of textbooks is digital, and it’s no brainer that the digital economy lives within ’s growing market. That said, the largest provider of and other learning materials – – released its Android version last Tuesday.

CourseSmart for Android provides access to 90% of higher education textbooks for colleges and universities. Certified by TRUSTe, the company plans to expand and add graduate degrees. The CourseSmart for Android enables users to search for topics within a single e-textbook or collection. It can also add or edit notes, and can be read in portrait or landscape modes.

One of these days, any students will soon carry their textbooks within a single Android tablet. Thanks to CourseSmart’s sweet offering.


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