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Disney and Pixar Unveils Cars 2 Faux Ad

Written on April 04, 2011 by Chris Martin

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It's an early easter egg treat from Disney Pixar, as they unveil their Cars 2 faux ad. Keep yourselves glued to the screens and you might see something interesting!

Banking on the success of the Toy Story 3 ad campaign, marketing geniuses over at are working their creative cogs once again for the upcoming movie, .

But something seems to be off, oh right, this one is a faux ad! Though it’s always been a thing for Disney Pixar to have these kinds of commercials when they kick off their campaigns for the new movie, they also have a knack of dropping some around no matter how odd their advertisements are. Can you find it in this Cars n Deals Emeryville spot?

Hidden within the video is a URL of the REAL clip of Cars 2. We won’t spill the beans here, but here’s a hint: stop at 00:57. Oh, Disney Pixar, why do you have to be so effin’ brilliant? And in case you’re wondering, the phone number in the ad works!

The ad spot is directed by Chris Cantwell, the same person who directed the Toy Story 3 . Cars 2 is set for an international release in theaters, June 24th. Mark your calendars, get set, go!

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