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Everyday is April Fools Day on TweetForger

Written on April 02, 2011 by R. Depp

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Who said you could only celebrate April Fools Day once a year?

The holiday may soon be over, its not too late to treat your friends to an April Fools Day prank.

Enter someone’s username into the form at .com, generate a crazy , send your victim a link to the resulting page and let the fun and amusement proceed.

The graphics created by the site really looks as if it was genuinely from Twitter.  But like the saying, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is; the ‘tweets’ generated by TweetForger aren’t real. Once the prankster enters his victim’s Twitter handle on TweetForger, the site simply scrapes up the prank victim’s twitter background and then re-creates it almost perfectly with the chosen text inserted within.

While this looks pretty scary, users must know (specially the victims-to-be) that it’s just harmless fun. Here’s how the creators of Tweetforger explain it:

“TweetForger is a fun way to make it appear as if a Twitter user has tweeted something. You can pick any user you want, enter some text, and TweetForger will create an individual, look-alike tweet. Nothing you do here will appear in anyone’s Twitter stream, even your own. TweetForger is just for fun. Please don’t be a jerk.”

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