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Facebook Disables New Profile Migration Tool

Written on April 02, 2011 by R. Depp

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Just a day after the feature launched, Facebook has reportedly disabled its new feature, the Profile Migration Tool, which was intended to help users convert profiles into business pages without losing contacts.

As of Friday, when users go looking for the tool’s former page on the site, they’ll end up at ’s destination for creating standard pages, where the option to port contacts from an existing profile is not available.

Christina Warren of reports that a number of people, including herself, have mistakenly used the tool to create fan pages from their personal profiles. She says that the complaints from users may have caused Facebook to remove the new feature.

“It’s great that Facebook is offering users this tool, but those interested in the migration should proceed with extreme caution. I unintentionally committed Facebook suicide earlier this afternoon when I participated in the process myself,” Warren says.

“Users who want to migrate from a traditional to a Facebook Page might want to think twice, or even thrice, before making the leap,” she added.

Meanwhile, when Facebook launched the new tool, it also posted a word of caution for its users saying that wall posts, notes, photo albums and any other content created with a personal profile would not be ported to a newly created business page.

“If the tool does return, only use it if you are absolutely certain of the consequences. The Facebook terms of service state that inanimate objects, pets, and businesses can’t have personal profile pages — so in these cases, a migration makes sense. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking with the profile you already have,” reports Warren.

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