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Facebook’s Comment Plug-in Increases Traffic to 45%

Written on April 13, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Facebook's Comment Plug-in gets an improvement. But does it do the same with page interactions and traffic?

More than a month ago, unleashed its commenting solutions for third parties. Today, the largest social network announced a set of improved comment plug-in features for publishers. With these comes a stat report saying that the commenting system actually increases discussion and Facebook referrals by 45%.

In addition to this, users can now login using their account. That is an additional 360 million active users. However, login options using or is yet to be offered. On the publisher or blogger’s end, they can now directly link to individual comments, generate larger objects and access comments using the API. The larger object provides a preview of the story shown in time line.

But despite that, TechCrunch noted that the Facebook drastically reduced the number of comments with a welcome decrease in spam and trolls. Many people also voiced out their concerns that Facebook’s requirement for real identity could stifle interactions. If only Google and Twitter were offered as login options, it’s such a wonder how much higher the page interaction will increase.

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