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Firefox Features the AwesomeBar HD

Written on April 28, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Get a smart search on your Mozilla Firefox browser with AwesomeBar HD.

The browser now has a combined resource location and category search on its toolbar called . In addition to this, the new feature protects your browsing activity. The is a spin-off of Home Dash project developed by . This new tool improves browsing and content discovery without the use of toolbar.

It enables users to search the Web via categories, like sports, movie, or people, through the most pertinent sites regarding the topic. AwesomeBar HD returns granular results from the specialized search provided by the tapped sites. When it comes to privacy, Mozilla Firefox do not give input to remote server.

“Instead, when you browse to a previously visited page, Firefox will only look through its local history without any network activity. The results come back in an order that looks at both how frequently and how recently you’ve been to the pages in addition to some adaptive learning for a bit of awesome.”

However, the AwesomeBar HD has a drawback. It does not save the web site’s URL once the user gets there. It will remain blank instead, ready for the next query. Edward Lee is open to feedback while the tool is still in experimental mode. You can also visit GitHub to view AwesomeBar HD’s code.

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