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Gears of War 3 Beta Blowout – Tips,Tricks, and Rundown Part 3

Written on April 30, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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In today's edition of Gear of Wars 3 Tips, Tricks and Rundown, All We Like will talk about the big weapons that most gamers will start off with.

In Gears of Wars 3, there are a handful of to choose from. However, All We Like will cover big that you’ll mostly start off with. That said, let’s take another rundown of Gears of Wars 3 version.


The Lancer is an automatic rifle with a decent range. It has little to no recoil, but it is not a very powerful weapon. The Lancer has a chainsaw in its underbelly, which can be used to saw unsuspecting enemies to pieces. This weapon is best used for mid-range combat.


Hammerburst is a slow semi-automatic rifle with fairly low recoil that is effective at range. Its bullets do the same damage as the Lancer, though the range can go farther. It also has a first person view that you can pull up by clicking the right thumbstick. However, the Hammerburst is not worthy of use with the amount of rolling and moving that you do in Gears of Wars 3.


The Retro Lancer has a fairly low range that do great damage. Aside from a heavy recoil, its other downside is its slow reload time. However, this big weapon can stop anyone charging  you pretty quickly. The Retro Lancer has a bayonet in its underbelly that can impale any opponent by holding the B button. This rifle is highly recommended for close and medium range.


The Gansher is a shotgun with a relatively high damage and fairly wide spray, making it the perfect weapon to use when rolling or making yourself a difficult target at close range. However, you’d still want to stack this gun if you’re planning to play offensively. But overall, the Gnasher is an all-around good gun with good damage, close to medium range and quick reload.


The Sawed-off Shotgun is a new weapon in . It is an extremely high damage shotgun with a wide spray that you can utilize in close range. However, it is also extremely accurate, has only one bullet and a very slow reloading time. So think twice before bringing this Sawed-off Shotgun out.

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