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Hunch Offers Predictions to Internet TV

Written on April 06, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Personalize your Internet TV viewing with Hunch's accurate predictive engine. And don't forget to give a round of applause to Samsung.

With the birth of like Netflix, teams up with and to bring The to every viewer’s home. The is an “interactive microsite that makes movie watching a deeper social experience.” It takes its predictive ability to TV viewing.

After a viewer answers a series of Hunch personality questions, The Smart Living Room creates a personalized movie recommendation including the genre best suited for that viewer as well as movie title suggestions. The viewer can then create a movie watching event by inviting friends and family through Facebook or email. The site utilizes dynamic CG animations to offer the viewer entertainment and surprises throughout the experience.

With Hunch’s appallingly accurate predictions to content recommendation, Samsung already has a winner on its hands. Unfortunately, all sites currently recommends basic genre like Action or Comedy, sweet 3D animations and a list of title recommendations. However, Hunch’s predictive engine will make us ask for more in the coming days.

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