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Keiji Inafune and Compile Heart Team up for Neptune Mk-II

Written on April 14, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Keiji Inafune will answer your life's mind-boggling questions with "Keiji Inafune's Super Dimensional Life Consultation".

Despite being the CEO of two startups, Keiji Inafune still got some time for the fans. But it’s not his fans that All We Like is talking about. We’re talking about the followers of Compile Heart.

In collaboration with Compile Heart, Keiji Inafune will answer reader questions in “Keiji Inafune’s ”. Why the long title? Because this has something to do with the PlayStation 3 parody of the RPG Super Dimensional Game, .

But what does this life consultation really has to do with Neptune Mk-II, is something we don’t know. It’ll be better if you ask Keiji Inafune via the promotion site.

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