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One Billion Monthly Stumbles for StumbleUpon

Written on April 11, 2011 by R. Depp

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StumbleUpon gets one billion stumbles every month -- and counting.

More and more Internet surfers are tripping over , as the discovery and just announced that it’s now handling 1 billion stumbles per month.

Just this March, the stumbles-per-month statistics has boomed by 200 million. Likewise, this month’s stumble count represents a commendable growth, judging from the fact that StumbleUpon publicized 800 million stumbles only the previous month, a report from say.

Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon’s popularity increased as it made Web surfing a lot like browsing over TV channels, only the is more “personalized”, as it recommends content based on each user’s preferences. The site also allows users to rate each discovered content such as Web pages, photos and videos.

StumbleUpon uses an automated process, combining human opinions with machine learning of personal preference called “collaborative filtering” to create virtual communities of similar-minded Web surfers. This feature, according to Mashable’s Charlie White, is what makes StumbleUpon ‘fun’.

“Moments of serendipity run rampant as you click the Stumble button to go to the next selected site, and every site you see is picked because of the detailed preferences you indicate in your profile. It gets even smarter about your preferences as you vote for sites by clicking either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon,” writes White.

“And, because I’ve been using the service for the past six years, it’s gotten to know my preferences quite well, and its ability to predict what sites I’ll like has become positively uncanny.”

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