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Rebecca Black To Sue ‘Friday’ Producers?

Written on April 04, 2011 by R. Depp

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Rebecca Black is seriously considering legal action against the producers of her single “Friday.”

reports that the 13-year-old singer and her mother Georgina Marquez Kelly are accusing the LA producers, Ark Music Factory, of ‘copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of her likeness and song on , iTunes, Amazon and Ark’s website’, as written in a letter from Rebecca’s lawyer, Brian Schall.

Rebecca and her mom also claim that Ark Music Factory did not give them master copies of the ‘’ recording at all, while even selling an unauthorized ringtone of the song.

According to the same report, Ark denied everything and said that they have worked everything out.

Ark Music founder, Patrice Wilson says she has met with ’s mom and everything was already settled.

“She will get the masters and the song. They can have it all,” says Wilson. She added that Black has since signed to another record company.

AOL online reports say that Black’s mother originally paid Ark $2,000 to write two songs and produce one video for Rebecca, which has been returned ten-fold, according to a recent breakdown of Black’s ‘Friday’ earnings in Forbes.

‘Friday’ first premiered last Feb. 10, with now more than 82 million views on YouTube.

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