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Top Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2011

Written on April 23, 2011 by B Waldorf

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"If you are not in fashion, you are nobody." --- Lord Chesterfield

Every year, slips through the scale to make way for a new one. If you’re outdated, you’re tagged as a disaster. , no matter how you deny it, is  hard to satisfy. A noble earl named Lord Chesterfield once said: “If you are not in , you are nobody.”

Every year, people search for new fashion trends to discover, as it is one of the most discussed around the globe. Hence men and women spend countless times searching for the newest styles of clothing. Moving on to the fad and fame of the past year, let All We Like focus your attention on the newest fashion trends that awaits our 2011.

With springtime around the corner, your closet needs a little revamping and so are you. All We Like gathered the five best style statements that will qualify you in hitting the runway. So, without further adieu, here’s the biggest and trendiest collection for 2011.

1. Hello 70’s! — This year we’ll moving on from the tight pants to wide-leg trousers to the sexiest classic halter top. No more skinny ang tight-fitting guys, this is the year for flowy fashion.

2. The Return Of Minimalism — The year 2011 is in for some silky, simple, neutral, white-washed and future-friendly utilitarian pieces. The paramilitary straps are a must-have for everyone’s closet.

3. Going Long — This year, is not just the year of the bunny but also the year for long dresses and pants. The minis sisters will make way for the maxi siblings. The thighs are not the major problem, come springtime, they’ll be undercover.

4. Goodbye Plains, Hello Prints and are the seasons for bigger, louder, more playful and expressive prints. From the sweet and fruity to bold animal prints, to big abstract colors. Unleash the inner artist!

5. The Block Combination — Pastels are outdated this 2011. The season screams a lot of shocking colors to brighten up a dull day. Bright orange, turquoise, honeysuckle pink and yellow are in full domination. Designers are surely combining two intense colors together, creating an artistic touch to fashion.

What makes things important is that the colors compliment you and the clothes are enhancing your features.


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