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Tweeting, Banned at the Royal Wedding

Written on April 28, 2011 by R. Depp

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No status updates during the ceremony, please.

Guests of and Catherine (Kate) Middleton on the wedding on April 29 would have to halt their Tweets and Facebook status updates for a while, as signal-blocking technology will be installed at Westminster Abbey to stop cellphone use during the event.

This was the royal family’s idea, according to Yahoo. They expect that nixing phone use would help lessen news photos and videos featuring cellphone-carrying guests, distracting ringtones and info about the wedding getting out ahead of the ceremony. However, no Tweeting at the actual event apparently doesn’t mean that no news on the ceremony will go out on the web. In fact, the Royal wedding is one of the top trends in the social networks.

According to Mashable, news stories are up nearly sevenfold to 7 million per day since the beginning of the month. Blog posts have more than double from 46.7 million on April 5 to 102.9 million, based on Trendrr.

Well, at least this scheme would stop anyone from getting fired, like the Buckingham Palace guard who called Princess Catherine a “stuck up cow” and “posh bitch” on Facebook.

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