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Twitter Might Buy TweetDeck

Written on April 19, 2011 by R. Depp

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Twitter is in talks to buy TweetDeck for $30 million, the Wall Street Journal reports.

is among the most popular third-party clients of , with versions for desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android. The app displays Tweets, @mentions and direct messages, together with a user’s updates all in real-time and in one screen. TweetDeck can also support feeds from other social media sites like , and .

Although TweetDeck never revealed how many users it has, the U.K. based company seems to be one of the best tools of obsessive “power users” of social media. TweetDeck was previously reported to be in talks to sell for $30 million to , but Twitter apparently saw the opportunity to steal the deal.

Why would Twitter want to get TweetDeck from UberMedia anyway?

Mashable’s Ben Parr digs further into Twitter and its said “frienemy” UberMedia’s acquisition plans:

“There’s a lot of backstory between Twitter and UberMedia. UberMedia, founded just a few months ago as an Idealab company, is the owner of UberSocial, Twidroyd, Echofon and UberCurrent, a combination that accounts for more than 11% of all tweets sent. It was founded by serial entrepreneur and Idealab creator Bill Gross. Idealab is the Pasedena-based incubator behind a wide range of companies including Picasa, Compete, Citysearch,, and Netzero.”

“We don’t know very much about the UberMedia competitor, but we don’t believe Bill Gross’ goal is to destroy Twitter. Instead, it’s more likely UberMedia’s Twitter competitor is a backup plan in case its apps get banned from Twitter’s platform for some reason. Our belief is that Bill Gross would much rather work with Twitter than compete with it.”

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