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WWE All Stars Gets Two DLC Pack

Written on April 30, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Reach your American dream by playing the Honky Tonk Man with WWE All Star's two DLC pack.

Players who enjoys playing All Stars on the Xbox 360 will be glad to know that two downloadable content pack are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace: The Pack and featuring .

The “American Dream Pack” is now available for 160 Microsoft points that adds two additional characters, while the “Compatibility Pack 1 featuring Honky Tonk Man” comes for free. The free will give players a chance to play as Honky Tonk man.

As for the PS3 owners, they will have to wait for the PlayStation Store to be back in service before they can download this two DLC pack. Are you ready to be the Honky Tonk Man?

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