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YouTube campaigns versus copyright infringement through a video

Written on April 14, 2011 by R. Depp

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Watch out video pirates, YouTube will be giving you some disciplinary action.

is sending copyright offenders back to school by requiring these users who receive copyright notifications to watch a mandatory PSA-style video.

Characters of the popular star the four-and-a-half minute video entitled “YouTube Copyright School”. The video is YouTube’s pretty successful (and amusing) attempt to discuss the implications and nuances of , as well as YouTube’s new policy for handling .

The video campaign officially started Thursday, with YouTube enforcing users who receive a valid copyright notification to watch the PSA. To be upload videos again, the user will also have to answer several questions –a ‘pop quiz’ from YouTube.

“We want to help our users operate within the law and within our guidelines,” Google Senior Product Counsel Lance Kavanaugh told Mashable.

“Requiring that people complete Copyright School after receiving a copyright notification means they’ll understand why their actions were wrong, come away with a better understanding of the law, and be more likely to comply with YouTube’s guidelines in future,” Kavanaugh added.

Along with the mandatory video, YouTube has also changed how it treats copyright offenses. In the past, YouTube would essentially keep a person’s copyright violations on his or her permanent record, regardless of having a solid track record overall. Starting Thursday though, YouTube users with a good history will have the ability to “remove a strike” from their record by watching the video. The company is also launching a Copyright Center that includes detailed information and frequently asked questions about copyright law, Mashable reports.

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