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YouTube Search Now Features “Filter & Explore”

Written on April 06, 2011 by R. Depp

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YouTube has upgraded its search options, adding a new feature called “Filter & Explore”

Now, instead of getting the usual display of options below the search box, users will now be greeted with a simpler Filter & Explore option (or only Filter, when doesn’t have sufficient additional Explore links) when they perform a search on the site. Once the new option is clicked, users are offered a number of filters to make the search more specific and precise.

For example, when a user types “Lady Gaga” in the search box, the query can be narrowed down to searching for newly uploaded videos, or those that are most viewed or those in HD.

In addition, the Explore options on the right allow users to search for similar artists. The user can either search for them by clicking on their names or adding them to the current search. This is done by clicking on the  “+” symbol, which appears on the right side of the page when the cursor is hovered above an artist’s name. For a manual search, search topics must be separated with a comma.

Likewise, the added topics can also be removed by also hovering over them and clicking on them in the “Search Results for:” area.

Meanwhile, video sorting options are placed on the far right of the YouTube window.

The new feature is currently launched only in YouTube’s U.S.-English interface.

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