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YouTube’s Chad Hurley and Steve Chen Acquires Delicious

Written on April 28, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Delicious is no long Yahoo's property anymore, as YouTube founders - Chad Hurley and Steve Chen - acquires the bookmarking site to transform it to AVOS.

Last fall, a news leaked that Yahoo will be sun setting its bookmarking service provider – . However, Yahoo later clarified that they will sell, and not terminate, the said bookmarking site. And today, ’ buyers now have a name: and .

The founder of acquires Delicious for an undisclosed sum, and they will be founding a new company named . Delicious assures their users in its recent blog post that the transition from Delicious to will be seamless, and that the service will continue. The shift is now underway and Delicious will remain in its current form until July. Users can opt in to transfer their bookmarks to , or choose to download their data and look for an alternative.

There are no concrete details yet as to what will happen to Delicious once at AVOS, but the bookmarking site said that Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s startup will “continue the service that users have come to know and love and by working with the community, make the site even easier and more fun to save, share and discover the web’s ‘tastiest’ content.”

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