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47% of Facebook users have profanity on their walls –Study

Written on May 25, 2011 by R. Depp

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Up to 47% of Facebook users have profanity on their walls, according to a recent study.

, a month-old firm is a social media monitoring service designed to keep users’ social reputation clean and safe, released Monday the results of survey of 30,000 users. The results show that 47% of the users have on their walls. Eighty percent of the users have at least one comment or wall post with from a friend. Fifty six percent of the time, posts and comments with on a user’s wall come from their friends.

Walls seem to be the choice for the users when it comes to expressing their profane thoughts, versus in their comments. The most common was the F word which includes all its various iterations, followed by the word “sh*t” and “b*itch” and their different versions.

Despite the fact that the results show that obscenities are out of control on the social network, they pale in comparison to drinking references. found in their study that male undergrad students reference in their profiles 85.53% of the time. In addition, the study found that the students also tended to have more friends than those who didn’t mention in their profiles.

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