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APB Reloaded Open Beta, Set for May 18

Written on May 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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APB Reloaded's open beta is all set! Mark your calendars gamers, because you're going to have a taste of APB on May 18.

officially set their ’s open for May 18. That said, all restrictions in joining the game due to US-East data center completion, critical fixes and additional items will be removed on the said date.

However, between today until the open beta date, Realtime Worlds will progressively allow access to ‘most’ people.

1. Gamer living in the US must be 17 years old and above (or 18 years old an up to the rest of the world).
2. He must have a GamersFirst Account; and
3. Must submit his G1 account email at the “Newsletter Signup Email Form” found at the APB home page.

You can visit APB Reloaded’s official blog for more details.

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