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Apple lowers iPhone 4 shipment, No LTE iPhone in 2012

Written on May 18, 2011 by R. Depp

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Apple has already lowered iPhone 4’s shipment volume for calendar Q2 2011. This is due to the company’s preparation of the unveiling of the newer iPhone in Q3 2011, Digitimes reports.

Another report states that wouldn’t unveil an LTE-equipped iPhone before 2012. Many reports state that the current sizes of the LTE chipsets do not fit in the iPhone’s form factor. Also, the availability of the chipsets wouldn’t reach ’s quantity demand for the next iPhone.

Furthermore, Apple was originally expected to ship 7-8 million 2s in the second quarter based on preivous sales performance reports, but will ship 10-10.5 million units in line with its target sales of 35-40 million units in 2011, according to some sources.

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