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Arrange offline classes with Skillshare

Written on May 28, 2011 by R. Depp

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Skillshare turns cities into classrooms and all of their inhabitants into possible teachers. It creates an open, online marketplace for offline classes.

Michael Karnjanaprakorn, ’s co-founder is very good with gambling, specifically poker. In fact, when he entered the World Series of poker last year, he was very confident and all his friends were interested to know all his secrets when he got back.

When he said yes to hosting a poker class for his friends, the idea of Skillshare came to mind. Karnjanaprakorn and his co-founder Malcolm Ong were trying to find out a way to “Bron gon the Learning Revolution” after watching a TED talk of the same title by Sir Ken Robinson, a creativity expert. Almost everyone is an expert to one thing that others want to learn, just like playing poker. Why not convert cities to classrooms and the inhabitants the teachers?

Karnjanaprakorn thought that “people would want to take fun and quirky classes, but in reality they wanted to take skill-based classes where they would walk out learning something tangible, whether it was making jewelery or programming, making your first app, walking out with a legal document that you need to start a company … those are the classes that are selling out like crazy.”

The usual tickets for classes on the platform cost less than $50 and 15% of that is cut by Skillshare. They’re held in personal spaces like apartments or public spaces like art studios or parks. Karnjanaprakorn also says that some businesses have also recently started hosting classes, most of them as a marketing opportunity that helps fill downtime but doesn’t reduce their services.

Two months after its launch, Skillshare’s teachers are mostly in the Big Apple and only a few businesses have signed on.

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