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Ashton Kutcher Invests in a Startup Company

Written on May 26, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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No punking; this is real business.

Actor decided to invest on something out of Hollywood; he joins the the company called , a site which provides places to stay for travellers, tourists or just anyone.

Kutcher will act as a strategic advisor for the company. Airbnb is one of the many startup investments like Foursquare, Flipboard and Path.

In a post from Airbnb blog, the company expressed Kutcher’s ability to influence people through social media: “From scavenger hunts through the streets of Austin to promote Nikon cameras, to raising awareness for the Sundance Film Festival with reality TV, Ashton’s branding initiatives set new standards for brand engagement through technology.”

With $7.2 million fund, high hopes and with Kutcher on board, Airbnb aims to take “community engagement to the next level and expand international presence to reach more people from different cultures all over the world.”

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